Social Initiative - Kishkinda

"Our vision is to see the local community achieve social and economic empowerment through conservation of their natural, cultural and architectural heritage, and in doing so secure the future of the site through sustainable integration with the people of the land.

At The Kishkinda Trust (TKT) in Anegundi, CONSERVATION empowers communities and creates a way of life that considers culture as an intangible element permeating all activities in life- ranging from functional to ideational- ecology, cuisine, crafts, design, agriculture, technology, education, markets and festivals.

Founded in the year 1997 by Shama Pawar, The Kishkinda Trust (TKT) assists the villagers of Anegundi at a grassroots level to build capacity in order to maintain business incubators and to conserve their historical heritage. TKT runs several unique programs, which are seamlessly integrated with the lives of the local people and that empower them economically.


  • Architectural Conservation
  • Natural Fibre Craft Industry
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Rural Tourism

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